GM Recalls More Than 1 Million Pickups to Repair Seat Belts

General Motors focuses on “Customer’s Safety First”.

Finally seat belts caught the attention of the higher authorities! The issue was highlighted after going through the warranty data, but it had been very fortunate that no one went through any injury or relevant issue.

It has been reported by General Motors that some problem has been spotted regarding seat belts in the recent models of Flagships “Chevrolet Silverado” and “GMC Sierra 1500”.

The seat belt, which is being connected by a steel cable on receiving frequent jolts and shocks gets separated. These necessary adjustments which are related to seat belts were noticed after going through the warranty data. Different precautionary measures have been taken for different vehicles that mostly include field trucks and pickups.

Tom Wilkinson, the truck manager at General Motors announced to recall the models for necessary repair. He added increased safety by making these steel cables more efficient through the newly designed devices.

In an official announcement, General Motors stated that dealers have been requested for the required customer services before delivering the new automobile.

An official portal has been set up to assist customers, whether their car is among the recalled models. If you own any vehicle of General Motor that falls in this category you can visit the portal set up by the company or contact the agent through a help line number.

According to a very senior official, initially the problem was identified in the cars made by the facilities of the United States, but the repair would be conducted in other countries as well.

According to a report the technicians might replace the device if they feel that it is not safe. It could be a few parts or the whole of the device depending on the fault. Furthermore, the sales of such vehicles have been stopped until the problem is completely resolved.

General Motors has further claimed that the entire cost for providing the fix is not significant and will be covered from the general warranty reserves set up by the company.

The company will provide the best services and will make the customer completely satisfied by putting their entire focus on quality regardless of the cost.

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