UK Sees Record Sale of Electric Cars This Year

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“British Electric Vehicle industry witness the Bulls”

Electric vehicle sales in the UK are extraordinary and are breaking their own records. One-quarter increase in the first quarter of the current year is an exceptional response to the government’s green fuel policy.

The electric car industry in the UK has witnessed a great increase of approximately 386%. According to statistics issued by Autocar, UK auto industry has recorded the sales of 10,496 cars. Out of this number, more than 7,000 vehicles have been sold during the last month of the quarter.

Transport Minister of the UK, Mr. Andrew Jones has expressed his satisfaction over the reimbursement policy of the government’s go green initiative. Furthermore, he expressed his plans to invest GBP 600 million by 2020 to achieve emission targets by 2040.

The British government is taking up 35% of the EVs cost up to the threshold of $6,500 which has led UK to compete for the sales of 17,000 vehicles in the US having five times more populations.

The statistics issued by Autocar pro, further indicates that the UK constitutes one-fifth of the entire Europe’s sale, second to the Netherlands in numbers.

The Q1 statistics are an indication that the UK will surpass these numbers in the annual results of 2016. The European Alternatives Fuel Observatory (EAFO) revealed that the sales of Western European vehicles are also surging but they have not published any number for the analytical and critical review of the industry.

Head of another research firm Mr. Poppy Welch, points out the benefits of plug-in cars because of which they are becoming a consumer’s favorite.

He adds that in addition to their environment-friendly features, they have low running costs, and are subject to many tax exemptions. These cars also welcomed for free parking space, just to encourage their consumers.

These trends are quite encouraging for the manufacturers of plug-in cars. If these trends continue, Electric vehicles will be all across the globe, providing the best environment and living conditions in the world.

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