Jaguar Land Rover to Launch Inline-Six Engines Again

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Jaguar Land Rover to advance the engine technology.

The Jaguar is switching to the new generation of engines based on 6 cylinders. This will bring the V6 model to become fuel efficient, more economical and improve its capacity to 3.0 liters.

The new “Ingenium” engines are planned for production by Jaguar’s Ingenium engine plant based in Wolverhampton. These engines will replace existing V6s engine sourced from the Ford.

The flexibility in design will allow the engine to be shaped according to the requirements of the model. These engines will improve the JLR’s current standing in the market by directly competing with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, according to AutoCar.

The features of the new technology are very diverse. These engines are based more on fixed parts with a lighter weight, improving the efficiency in terms of cost and fuel. The engine supports dynamic transmissions with diagonal or longitudinal installation, with the plans to support future models.

These engines will be manufactured to support both petrol and diesel. Mr. Nathan Hoyt has not disclosed anything in an official interview, although has glimpsed about the future D7a architecture to be used in V6 series.

Jaguar will hit the market with its new competitive advantage and revive its legacy design. This will be practically easier to market and will also help the company boost its sales. The company is optimistic while entering the six cylinders based technology having the 500c capacity per cylinder.

The rumors are also spreading that these engines are future of land rovers and only BMW is offering this technology. Mercedes has planned to launch their six-cylinder series, but Jaguar will take over soon.

The car analyst sees this initiative as a new benchmark being achieved by the JLR and hope to see the revolution in this industry at a higher pace in terms of technology and fuel efficiency. This package of an engine is surely a revolution.

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