Autonomous Chevy Bolt Taxis to Hit the Roads this Year

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Launch of Autonomous Cherry Bolt to hit the Roads this Year.

General Motors and Lyft are ready to launch their endeavor this year. This joint venture of Chevrolet Bolt taxis has had half a billion dollars siphoned into it from the coffers of the mother company.

With its successes one after the other, GM seems determined to accomplish its launch of self-driving cars mobilized with the use of the mobile app.

The charismatic vehicle is ready to inspire its customers but the date of launch has not been finalized yet. However it is ready to show its moves and the advancement of technology in cars, later this year.

GM has invested another billion dollars with San Francisco-based Cruise Automation Company in developing the new technology to operate this driverless car.

Customers of Chevrolet Bolt will be able to control the pilot of the car from the mobile apps of the company. Not only this, the app will also make the car move and it can also stop it too.

But, it is only a prototype. The battery of the bolt is kept under the cabin floor that will help provide enough leg space to the back seat passengers. It is set for test drives on the road.

According to WSJ, GM and Lyft Inc. have decided to deliver them to the workers making them the primary customers. This impressive unconventional car will definitely create a sizzle in the market as it is all set to begin its journey.

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