Next Generation Lexus LS will be Out for Sale in the Start of 2017

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Rumor has it that new Lexus LS will be introduced in the beginning of year 2017.

A Japanese magazine recently printed an article that showed the new cars that will be released in the coming year. Among those cars, Lexus LS was also shown which means that it will be available in the next year too. The magazine also gave a time that is of May, 2017 in which this car will be launched.

The concept of this Lexus LS is like that of LF-FC, according to This concept was revealed in the Tokyo Motor Show last year. According to the magazine Lexus LS will be available for sale in May, 2017. If the car succeeds to make an appearance in the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, even then this initial release date seems impossible.

Other than that we are certain about a few things. This new Lexus Sedan will be available in V6 and V8 version engines. Lexus is going through a generation change that was showcased in the Tokyo Motor Show this year.

As we have told earlier, the prototype will resemble that of LF-FC but there are going to be some amazing changes in the interior. It is said that this Lexus will come with some cool interior features that will make it stand out among other cars. This was revealed by the Executive Vice president of Lexus Mark Templin.

The cars introduced under the category of Lexus LS will surely be hybrids. Lexus is taking the technology to the next level by giving a great mixture of taste, luxury and technology. The V6 hybrid Lexus will cater a 3.5 liter engine. Along with that a long- wheel base will make it a good competitor for German rivals.

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