Chevrolet Recalls 317,000 Small Cars over Key and Ignition Issue

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Over 317k cars are being recalled by Chevy over a minor issue.

Most of the time we see recall of cars made over safety issues. However this time another issue has driven Chevy to recall a huge number of cars from all over the world. Chevy is recalling 317k cars due to a minor issue that is not related to safety but theft. The issue was a little strange actually.

The issue that seems to create such a big recall is related to an alert about key in ignition. It was noted that if the driver waits for more than ten minutes in the car after switching it off, the car won’t alert them about the key present in this situation.

So if a person forgets his key in the ignition after tuning off the engine for more than ten minutes, then the alert about key in car won’t be delivered. Thus resulting in a potential threat for a theft if it is forgotten inside the car.

The small cars that have been effected due to this decision include Sonic that were produced between years 2013 and 2016. It also includes Trax manufactured between 2013 and 2016 along with Spark which was manufactured between 2013 and 2015.

The ones that were equipped with Bring Your Own Media System were mostly effected from the Spark model.
Chevy will update the audio system software, however the timeline for the recall has not been announced yet.

So whatever you do, make sure that you take your keys away with you if you are sitting in your car for more than ten minutes. If not your car might be stolen. Well, everybody knows that for sure! However Chevy is still going to help you in this case as well, so that you never forget to take your keys out of ignition.

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