Ford Becomes the First Automaker to Develop Foams and Plastics Using Captured CO2 for its Vehicles

Ford Goes Green by using Captured CO2 to make plastic and foam for vehicles.

Ford will be producing plastic from captured CO2 in order to cleanse the environment.

Ford has taken a brave step in order to protect Mother Nature. the captured CO2 by the company will be used in the new cars for making foams for seats and plastic parts in the vehicles. The foam that is used in cars is made of 50% of Carbon dioxide.

So instead of purchasing it from the market or making it at the factory, Ford will reuse the captured CO2. Other than the foam that is made with 50 percent of CO2 will help in saving 600 million pounds annually. As it will save the cost of fuel and other chemicals.

Ford has become the first company to use this procedure in order to make plastic parts and foam used in vehicles. These biomaterials will be seen incorporated in the Ford vehicles in next five years to come.

The foam that is made with 50% CO2 mainly known as Polyols will have to go through multiple tests. The initial tests have proven it to be suitable for the vehicles. It was also proven that its usage will surely lessen the amount of money spent on making foams and plastics as less petroleum will be used in its manufacturing.

This will increase the availability of fossil fuels and will also be substantial for fuel consumption by other projects. Ford has been trying hard from the past few years in order to lower down the carbon foot print this organization has on environment. For this reason they have become more energetic for going green in many of their vehicles as well. They are producing hybrid cars more in number.

These days they are looking for captured suppliers of CO2 to start the production of these green products.

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