Volvo Reveals the Concept of Future Mini Cars

Volvo is all set to work on some new cars with excellent new designs.

Volvo is about to launch new cars, however before presenting their news, the head of designs at Volvo the concept of two new cars.

This concept shows that Volvo is going to opt for new figures now. The concept of new cars is something that tells us that Volvo is about to change the shape of its cars in future.

Volvo disclosed the designs of two new cars that will be designed in the years to come. The designs show that the same design for cars is finally shunned by the company and they are about to go for a new turn. These cars are not named yet however we will call them 40.1 and 40.2.

The 40.1 is a crossover car and looks absolutely brilliant. While 40.2 is hatch-sedan type. Their shapes are pretty much different from the ordinary cars that are made by Volvo. They also seem to differ from the elegant shapes that we see in the 90-series.

These cars will go in production in next year. This concept that is named CMA will cater hybrid cars as well. The hybrid cars T5 and T8 will be modeled here by Volvo. T5 will use a three cylinder engine and will have hybridized seven speed dual clutch system.

These cars have state of the art technology and will surely look classy as well. As Volvo is about to make them in small size. It will absolutely increases the efficiency of the cars too.

These cars will surely be on top in the department of looks but also will have intense technology that would ensure safety. The interior design is supposed to a ground breaking Scandinavian design that will make it look elegant yet comfy.

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