Uber Launches First Self-Driving Car

Uber Launches Its First Ever Self-Driving Car.

The First official photo of Uber’s Self Driven car are here and it looks nothing but a superhero car.

Uber was working from a long time on the prototype of self-driven cars. They have been doing different experimentation from the past couple of months. It was heard that they have finally formulated a self-driven car which will be seen on a test drive in a few days. However this week Uber released the photo of this car officially. This car will be seen roaming around the streets of Pittsburgh. This self-driven car is a hybrid Ford Fusion loaded with technology.

It looks nothing short of super hero car as it has a sleek design and beautiful appearance. Along with that it has a sporty look too. It has various types of sensors attached to its roof that make it look like a Sci-fi car. This car is laced with radars, high resolution cameras, laser scanners and other sensors to look around for the environment. The car is taking the details of the streets of the city and a driver is always behind the wheel.

The company claims that this project is in its early stages. They tend to provide the best services for transportation for which they are taking in consideration the safety of everyone in the scenario. They claimed that they are making this ride safe for the passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and every other thing that will come in the way.

Uber gave a test drive to a reporter of Pittsburgh Tribune. He stated that the car was able to drive itself on the road. He also added that the car was able to sense other cars approaching towards it and made beeping noise in warning. He specified that the driver can take control of this car whenever he wants too.

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