Ford Offers Work Opportunities for People with Autism

Ford to give Working Opportunities to Autistic People.

People with autism will be able to have a work experience at the new Ford Pilot Program
Ford has launched a new program named FordinclusiveWorks. This is a pilot program and will provide the autistic people with opportunities to work in an exclusive working environment. This project will start by June 1st and will recruit a number of people with autism.

FordinclusiveWorks has come up with this plan in order to help the community and to provide better working opportunities to all the people in society. There are very few places that are specially designed for the Autistic people to work at. At Ford this kind of step has been taken for the first time and it certainly is a role model for many people.

This program is formulated with corporation of Autism Alliance of Michigan. The program aims to provide working experience to autistic people and to train them in the ford workshops. This project will provide work to individuals in Ford’s product development organization.

According to Vice President of Ford, Mr. Raj Nair, they are happy to be at the service of people of their community. He said that Autism effects a lot of people and he along with his company is proud for providing a working platform to them.

“We are committed to making people’s lives better, and this pilot program has the potential to not only make the participants’ lives better, but also help Ford be an even more diverse and inclusive workforce,” says Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, product development and chief technical officer. “Autism affects many people in our communities, and I’m proud we’re taking on this important initiative.”

Five new positions are specially created by the company in the product development center under this project. The training and work experience will be given to the individuals in this sector. After that the individuals will be evaluated on the basis of their learned skills in order to provide working opportunities for them in Ford.

“Individuals with autism bring a unique set of talents to our business,” says Felicia Fields, Ford group vice president, human resources and corporate services. “We recognize that having a diverse and inclusive workforce allows us to leverage a wider range of innovative ideas to make our customers’ lives better.”

The FordinclusiveWorks will benefit both the people with autism and Ford. The work done by them in the workshop will benefit Ford products and the individual will learn new skills. This will be a win win opportunity for everyone.

“We are truly excited to be collaborating with Ford on this pilot program,” says Colleen Allen, president and CEO, Autism Alliance of Michigan. “For so many individuals with autism spectrum disorder, getting and keeping a job is a challenge. Often, companies lack understanding of the unique characteristics associated with autism, which can be challenging, and unfortunately this can lead to perceptions of a poor fit for the individual and coworkers. I applaud Ford for taking these critical steps to understand autism, and for giving those who have struggled to find competitive employment real career opportunities that could be life changing for them.”

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