Bugatti Chiron Aiming for a New Speed Record

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Bugatti Chiron is going to attempt to break the 268mph road car record of speed set by Veyron.

Bugatti is aiming for new records every other day these days. First they came up with eth fastest car named Veyron which attempted the speed of 268mph and set the record successfully. Now they are going to break this record by another car of their fleet which is none other than Chiron.

Durheimer, the CEO of Bugatti told AutoCar that they are trying to attempt a new record. They are trying to break the world speed record made by Veyron in year 2010 at VW’s Ehra Lessien test facility. He said that he is certain that Chiron will be faster that Veyron Sport.

However he also added that he cannot exactly tell about the speed of this car without the testing’s being done. He said that the calculations from the stimulations under lab conditions have given them an idea about the speed but the car on road when being driven by a person can show different results.

The new Bugatti Chiron made its debut in UL at Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend. It has many upgraded features as compared to the previous model. One can see big differences between Veyron Sport and Chiron too. Veyron Spot comes with 1183bhp and a torque of 1106 lb.-ft. While on the other hand Chiron 2016 will showcase 1479bhp and a torque of 1179 lb. ft.

We know for sure that Chiron can achieve 261mph in one go. This number is a little short from Veyron’s attempt. In 2010, in order to set the record Bugatti removed its speed limiter in order to achieve the number. However this won’t be done in the case with Chiron. Chiron with a quad turbo, 8.0 liter W16 engine is all set to make history of speed in coming days.

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