Mahindra Starts Working on Autonomous EVs

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Indian Auto motor company will start working on EVs now.

The Indian Multinational company is all set to work on a range of autonomous electric cars. Mahindra has earned a lot of respect and name in India due to its affordable vehicles. It has gotten to build a team of IT experts, mechanics experts and now looks like EV experts to bring forth EV technology.

According to Annand Mahindra, the CEO of Mahindra, the wide range of talent at company will surely help a lot on future innovations. He said that we will be able to use the intelligent mobility solutions to produce autonomous electric cars.

Mahindra owns one the largest IT companies of country as well. So having the support of biggest IT Company is certainly a great thing for this company. Mahindra said that much of information from their technology can be used in getting the autonomous Electric vehicle program into motion. He said that his IT technology company is already doing a lot of work for their companies and will help in this autonomous technology too.

It can be expected that a new EV Mahindra can be seen in UK, according to AutoCar. As UK is already an international market for some brands of Mahindra. Mahindra CEO, however did not reflect any light on the idea of the kind of Autonomous EV which will be made by the company.

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