Land Rover Defender to Make a Comeback Soon

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Land Rover Defender is going to make a comeback after investment will be made for it.

Land Rover Defender might be seen again in production after a car enthusiast invests in the company to make it. Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe is all set to invest a good amount of fortune to start the production of this car in near future. Ratcliffe is in talks with Jaguar Land Rover to resurrect the old but iconic model of Land Rover Defender.

Jim Ratcliffe who is a business and chemical tycoon is very much interested in investing for this model, according to AutoCar. According to our reports he is talks with senior executives at Jaguar Land Rover so that this model can be continued once again.

The production of Land Rover Defender was terminated after the release of last model. We are not sure about the fact that, Ratcliff is only interested in buying the company or he wants to own the production line. We have however heard that he is planning to produce the vehicle in U.K.

Ratcliffe is the founder of a firm named Ineos which is a chemical firm. His firm is worth £3.2bn. This kind of decision might be his possible move towards vehicle industry investment. He is planning to invest in Defender, whose production stopped after 68 years due to emission issues and low volume sales.

This vehicle’s next generation model will make its appearance in 2019. This model is set to offer two wheelbases and several body styles which was not present in the previous models.

We were not able to get any kind of official comment on this story, neither from Ineos nor from Land Rover.

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