Mazda Introduces G-Vectoring Control in Updated Alexa

Mazda introduces SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS in the latest cars.

Mazda motors are all in for innovation and latest technology. They have introduced the new technology which they are calling SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS in their latest cars. The new-generation motors by Mazda will use this technology to make the drive experience much better. This all started with the debut of Mazda 3 2017 which has the G-Vectoring system installed in it. Mazda 3 2017 went on sale today in Japan.

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SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS concepts is the concept of Mazda’s human interaction and human-centered development technology. It enables one to ride the car in such a way that they don’t feel themselves different from the vehicles. The vehicles updated with technology are supposed to give the drivers a concept of fulfillment and control that cannot be seen anywhere.

The car’ movement will copy the behavior of driver. Thus it will provide the best steering and reduced driver fatigue. The GVC is supposed to enhance the comfort of driving while decreasing torso sway during driving.
This technology is especially helpful for the drivers in terms of emergency situations.



It will benefit the drivers in times of difficult driving situations, emergency maneuvers, high-way roads and winding roads. The GVC has the special ability to benefit on slippery roads, muddy roads and rough roads too. The precise control and torque of the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS engine will allow the user to drive the car in any dimension they want to.

As it is a software based system so it doesn’t require any space or extra weight needed to work in the car. Mazda already is very peculiar with weight management in terms of its cars. GVC will be seen in many car models in Europe from later this year to provide an excellent driving experience.

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