2016 Nissan Leaf, Sentra Recalled over Passenger Airbag Issue

Credit: Getty Images

The North American Nissan has recalled 4,520 vehicles which are Nissan Leaf and Sentra. These vehicles were made in the year 2016 and have been recalled over the issue of passenger seat airbags.

The airbags were found to be faulty due to which a total of 182 Leafs which were effected and Sentras which are 4,338 in number are recalled. The Leafs were built from February 24, 2016 to March 23, 2016.

While the Sentras were manufactured from February 9, 2016 to March 4, 2016. The company has ordered stop sale for these cars until the issue is being resolved. The automaker will repair these vehicles and then will start making new ones.

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