Mercedes- Benz CLS Final Editions Unveiled

Mercedes- Benz CLS Final Edition makes way for a New Model

CLS Coupe and CLS Shooting brakes due in the year 2018.

The iconic and stylish Mercedes- Benz CLS has come to its final edition. The new and Mercedes- Benz CLS Final Edition will be released in the year 2018. However it doesn’t mean that the journey of this spectacular model will finish here. It is going to pave way for new and exciting models of the brand.

This model will be available in only Europe in both Coupe and Shooting Brakes editions. The car’s these models are the final variants before a new CLS comes into vision. We are hoping that it will be a great one too. The new CLS is going to use the same set platform as that of S-Class, E-Class and C-Class. The car will also have the same engine line up like that of E-Class Cars.

It is also said that Shooting Brakes model might be discontinued after this term. As this model was not a high seller in Europe. In the 2015, only 750 units of Shooting Brakes were sold in UK while 2000 models of Coupe were sold. It might be continued in other parts of world however it looks like its journey in Britain is surely coming to an end.

The final edition model will have many new features and UK will see all these features in some time. The Mercedes- Benz CLS Final Edition which cost around £6857 in UK will have added features too. It will have the privilege of infotainment system, black leather seats that will have many adjustments, a flat bottom decent interior.

And well mounted paddle shifters. The car will also accompany nine speed gearbox. Other than that it will have LED headlights, tinted windows and Mercedes-Benz diamond grill which is a luxurious thing to see.

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