BMW M1 Concept Won’t be Unveiled at Pebble Beach

Credit: BMWBlog

BMW is not going to launch the M1 concept at Pebble Beach.

A few rumors earlier on suggested that there were chances of a concept reveal by BMW in Pebble Beach the next month. It was also said that the concept to be revealed was supposed to be that of M1. The new sayings are however that the M1 is not going to be launched at the event. At Pebble which is going to be held next month, many cars will be launched.

BMW is celebrating 100 years of success and in the meantime releasing multiple special cars. Along with that BMW is also show casing concepts of future cars. So we had the idea that BMW might be unveiling a new car concept most probably the M1 in the Pebble Beach.

It was also revealed by BMW in press conference that the company will be unveiling a new concept car. However the news have confirmed by BMWBlog that this concept won’t be the exciting and sporty M1. Nonetheless we will still be able to see a new sporty concept car which actually is not a bad deal.

BMW these days is focusing on the futuristic technology in its concepts. Thus giving much importance to self-driving and autonomous cars. The new concept will surely pave way for a super and slimmer autonomous car.

Regardless of the fact that what kind of car will be showcased in the event. BMW still has loads to offer and loads to celebrate. The company will mark its celebrations by taking forward the history of its racing cars. We will be in touch with you all the details once we get the hang on them. Whatever the company is supposed to introduce, it’s bound to be exciting for many.

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