First All-Electric Porsche Looks Alot Like Le Mans 919 Hybrid

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The car will use Le Mans 919 Hybrid technology.

Porsche has been working on its electric module models for a long time now. The car maker tested many conditions, many prototypes of cars and many modes of transmission to find the best combination of an all-electric car for its domain.

The company introduced the Pajun EV in year 2015, a Mission E luxurious electric concept with many other experimental designs. It looks like the Mission EV technology has made its way to be included in the first ever all electric car by Porsche.

The first ever all electric Porsche using the Mission E transmission technology will be launched in the year 2020. The looks will be really impressive and sporty while the figures of the technology being used in it are no less.

It has a striking resemblance of the prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid, according to AutoBlog. The parts of the 800 volt Mission E power terrain are being used in the car. Porsche says that they are learning about the electric transmission. They want to balance the voltage and electricity in the car. According to Porsche, they are also trying to balance out the transmission so the batteries don’t get really heated up.

The power of this car is increased from 400 bhp to 500 bhp. As the motor being used in the car is able to provide more. The car will also be able to provide the boost mode by gaining energy from battery. It will be a two door car. It will take Porsche a little time to get the specifications for a four door car.

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