Obama Administration Asks for a 200 mile EV which can Charge under 10 minutes

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It looks like Obama Administration very much likes EV cars.

Electric Vehicles have become immensely popular in US and European region. However problems such as longer charging time and low mileage are still proving to be hindrance in order to make them the mainstream choice of vehicle. It looks like Obama Administration is the true fan of EV technology.

This is the reason that administration has asked the auto makers to produce EVs with greater mileage and low charging time. They want the cars that can go as far as 200 miles in a single charge, according to AutoBlog. Along with that they also want the full charging time to be just of 10 minutes.

The most exciting thing about this news is that a special committee was formed in order to make cars which have increased mileage and fast charging speed. Tesla’s supercharger network provides the fastest charging uptill now. It has the ability to charge as fast as 145kW, but the new plan is looking to increase the charge to almost 350kWh. This kind of speed will be pretty much enough for a car to charge for 200 miles under ten minutes only.

Along with that Battery500 has come up with a new module according to which they want to create batteries under $100 per kWh. The technology that will be used to attain the desired figures was not reveled in the meeting. However we are looking forward to some big collaborations.

The Obama Administration has made a strong stance in obtaining Electric Vehicles from the start. This is the reason that they are looking forward to work on another project that can increase efficiency of these cars.

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