Jaguar Land Rover In Talks with Ford aAnd BMW For Battery Plant

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Jaguar Land Rover in talks with BMW and Ford to collaborate for Battery Plant

Jaguar Land Rover looking for companies for a new battery plant.

Rumor has it that Jaguar Land Rover is in talks with Ford and BMW in order to build a Battery Plant in U.K. However when the company was approached for an official statement on the issue, the company simply refused to comment on this news.

We however know this for sure that Jaguar Land Rover executives have approached Ford Motors Co and BMW in order to collaborate on a battery plant. The company is looking to build a new battery plant for European region in UK. This can’t be done on their own, they will have to look for help from many other companies that are expert in this particular field. Ford and BMW are pretty much self-sufficient in this technology by now and will be able to help JLR for sure if anything official happens between the companies.

According to Automotive News, JLR is looking to build an electric vehicle in competition to Tesla Motors. This is the reason that we might see an Electric Jaguar Crossover in the next year. Mercedes-Benz is all set to debut its electric power vehicle in the coming year too. They are going with a 310 miles vehicle that will go on sale before the year 2020.

Audi CEO also recently confirmed that the company is going to launch three new EVs by the year 2020. Thus it looks like a good decision on the behalf of Jaguar Land Rover to cater this domain of vehicles too. The companies will need to go with electric powered vehicles in order to get balanced profits.

However the plant might face a few problems such as cheaper battery cells from Chinese market. Let’s see what is going to be the planning of Jaguar Land Rover regarding this venture.

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