Bugatti Might Bring Back the Galibier from the Dead!

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Bugatti is considering to resurrect the Galibier while including it for the new project.

Bugatti is thinking to replace the Veyron for some amount of time. For that purpose the French luxury car company is looking for four new models to be launched in the coming years. It looks like the company is considering to revive Galibier along with other three cars.

Bugatti is looking for a luxury Sedan that is aimed to be launched on the perspective which is close to the concept of a Galibier concept car, according to Drive. The company is aiming to bring the car in order to mold it into a long term future model. Bugatti is trying to obtain a steady business and repute in order to dismiss the diesel emission scandal which was faced by its parent company Volkswagen.

Thus Bugatti along with many other subsidiaries of VW is looking for future planning that is based on zero-emission or at least hybrid power in order to clean the mark of diesel emission scandal that has create quite an upheaval along with adding bad name to company.

Four new models are being proposed for the coming years by Bugatti. The CEO of company Wolfgang Durheimer provided the idea of these four cars. One of these include a new four-seater Bugatti sedan which is supposed to sit on the top of VWs line of cars. It will be released in order to compete with other luxury cars of future like that of Rolls-Royce Phantom. Its price is expected to be high like that of Rolls-Royce as well.

Bugatti will also introduce a new Chiron which will be a two-seater. The car is expected to cost something close to $3.5 million. It will go on sale in the mid of year 2017. The Galibier if introduced will be a luxury car not only in technology but also in terms of appearance as well.

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