Lamborghini Announced Three New After Sales Packages for Huracan

Credit: Lamborghini

The Huracan Owners will be able benefit from three after sales packages as well.

The luxury car maker has announced new after sales packages for its model Huracan. Now the customers will be able to take benefit from these after sales opportunities presented by Lamborghini to car owners. These packages are available for both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive variants of this model.

The packages include an aerodynamic kit. This kit has a pretty sporty front splitter, a rear diffuser, side skirts and a rear wing that make the car look very sporty. These are not only for the sporty looks as they help in modifying the aerodynamics for the car thus making it super-fast. All the parts available are made from light and strong composite materials. These are available in matt black color that will surely enhance the sporty look of this brilliant car.

This new kit which was in the process of being finalized previously has been tested by the car maker. These parts have been tested by Lamborghini in the wind tunnels to ensure proper aerodynamic use and safety for the car. Thus after being accepted by the research laboratory of the car maker, these are now available as a part of car’s kit.

Then there is aesthetic package. This package features a specially designed livery made of double, precut racing graphics. It can be applied on the rear wing windows or from front to rear. It will be available in matt black and glossy black color. This specially made livery is easy to apply and easy to remove thus posing no threat to the exterior of car.

The third one is center-lock kit. It is the new and advanced locking system of car which is introduced by company in Huracan. The dedicated rims of this kit are finished in glossy black color and are 20 inches in size sporting Hurcan tires.

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