BAC Mono Becomes the First Car to Use Graphene Material

Credit: AutoCar

BAC Mono will make use of this revolutionary material.

Graphene which is regarded as the revolutionary material in the car industry will be used by BAC Mono this year. This is very light weight material which is made of thin carbon sheets. These sheets are only one atom thick but are much stronger than ordinary carbon-fiber sheets. Thus it is lighter, stronger and much cheaper that carbon-fiber material, according to AutoCar.

The British automaker of this car is all set to do some innovative stuff with Mono. This one seater supercar is going to get light weight material rear arches. This material will add on to the efficiency and performance of the car. Along with that it has also decreased the cost of this model as well.

The light weight one atom thick carbon material is supposed to decrease the weight of car by 20%. This kind of figure can play a significant impact on performance of car. It has a huge impact on fuel economy and overall cost of the car as well.

BAC Mono was showcased in the Science in the City festival which was held in Manchester. BAC had worked earlier with Haydale Composite Solutions while showcasing the car on trial. They later on used the graphene-enhanced carbon fiber to make the car more efficient.

The director of aerospace and defence at Haydale Composite Solutions, Ebby Shahidi said that these low weight materials have high impact on car’s performance. He also expressed his happiness on the high technology material being used in the car. The company is looking to collaborate with BAC in order to produce more efficient cars for the future.

Graphene was discovered in 2004 for the first time where it was manufactured in University of Manchester. After that many scientists have used it for various functions.

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