BMW Autonomous Driving Cars Coming In Five Years

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BMW Aiming to Bring Forward Autonomous Driving Cars in Five Years

BMW is all set to shape the future of vehicles.

It is no secret any more that BMW is working pretty hard towards getting the autonomous cars rolling on the streets in near future. The reason behind this concept is that BMW wants to put forward the most innovative driving mechanism that is suited for future transportation.

While celebrating one hundred years of success this year, BMW introduced many new concepts for future cars. According to the recent news BMW is working pretty rigorously to get those concepts on road in the coming decade. If we talk about BMW CEO Harald Krueger, we will get to see that he wants to have the Autonomous cars available for everyone in just five years to come, according to BMWBlog.

The BMW Group Financials are in good shape these days. This is the reason that company can afford to put revenue in development and research which is associated with autonomous car driving project. If the company invests wisely then they can become one of the first companies to get profit from fully autonomous cars.

BMW believes strictly that profits are the backbone of any company, not the sales. If any company sales a lot of vehicles but doesn’t get much profit out of them then there is no progress for them. The key to success and earning more profit these days is to put forward innovative techniques for a better profiting project. This will require the company to make new partnerships and find new alliances to work with as well. They have recently signed contracts with Intel and Mobileye who will work on the IT aspect of these cars.

According to BMW CEO, their company has the clear and cut objective in mind. This objective includes innovative techniques and development for future vehicles along with introducing them as soon as possible.

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