Nissan Experiments on the Concept of Electric Cars and Car Sharing

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Nissan Works on the Concept of Electric Cars and Car Sharing

Nissan and Scoot Network are working on futuristic transportation

Nissan has been doing a lot of work from the past few years in order to bring forth futuristic transportation all around the globe. The company launched a Nissan Future Lab in year 2014. The lab is dedicated to research the use of electric vehicles and the way they are going to change the world’s transportation. They are currently working and researching on the concept of car sharing and electric vehicles.

The Nissan Future Lab’s project is in collaboration with Scoot Networks. Both of these companies have founded a fleet of 10 experimental Nissan New Mobility Concept Cars. These cars are named as Renault Twizy. These are moving these days in San Francisco at Scoot’s hometown. The participants in the study can request the car any time they want by using an application developed by Scoot.

“Working within the living lab framework allows Nissan to experiment out in the marketplace,” said Rachel Nguyen, executive director, Nissan Future Lab. “By combining our hardware with outside software, services and systems into collaborative beta tests, Nissan has the opportunity to develop new products and service offerings that fit in the new mobility economy.”

According to Nissan this application and experiment will shed some light on the car sharing facts. It will tell about the reasons of car sharing and the logistics that are associated with this feature. It will also give insight about the car campaign. It will tell them about the ways this service can be improved and how the cars can be returned to their home destinations.

Nissan is also working on another project that started in the year 2014. It involves the electric cars to be used as source of electricity for an electric grid. This project is being collaborated with US Air Force. They are working on the concept of energy conservation from these Nissan cars in the time of shortage of electricity. The cars will be used to store electricity and then to return it to electric grids in the time of need. Nissan believes that many people will want EVs for future and most of them will go for rentals.

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