Kia Plan to Launch Niro Hybrid Crossover in US with Super Bowl Ad

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Kia’s Niro Hybrid is loved by everyone. Kia’s is planning to act on the high demand for Niro Hybrid.

Kia’s Niro Hybrid was introduced earlier this year in Chicago Auto show. It will be available for sale in year 2017. It was seen that it has captured quite an interest from many auto dealers and customers in the auto show. This is the reason Kia is going to launch a very heavy and expensive advertisement campaign for the car.

The campaign will hit off with a big step as well. The advertisement for the cross over will be telecasted on February 5, 2017 during the telecast of 51st NFL Super Bowl. This Super Bowl will be held in Houston in year 2017.

This will be a major campaign for this car. As Super Bowl is a big event in the country and is seen live by thousands of U.S citizens. The company has already shared that there is a high interest of customers from all over the country after it was unveiled at the car show. Niro Hybrid will be available for sale in Euro months before it will go on sale in U.S., according to CarandDriver.

Niro Hybrid by Kia has the same transmission and mechanism like that of Hyundai Ioniq. The only difference between these two is the type of car. Niro Hybrid is a crossover while Ioniq is a saloon. Niro will be the first crossover ever to be offered in hybrid terrain without a conventional drivetrain range.

We are hoping that upcoming versions of Niro Hybrid will go on to adopt the full EV mode. Ioniq was also introduced as hybrid first and then it came out as a fully electric vehicle.

Kia officials supplied that people who want a small CUV which is both stylish and ecofriendly can go with car without thinking twice.

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