Nissan Unveils Two New Intelligent Mobility Prototypes in Rio de Janeiro

Credit: Nissan

Nissan Unveils Two New Prototypes of Futuristic Cars in Rio

Nissan is working hard towards getting the finest zero-emission cars on road.

Nissan which is dedicating loads of time, research and revenue in zero-emission model vehicles has recently launched two new prototypes under Intelligent Mobility. Nissan unveiled these two prototypes in order to promote Zero-emission in cars for future. The two prototypes that were introduced by company included Nissan BladeGlider which will be a hundred percent electric sports car and a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell powered prototype.

The Nissan BladeGlider is an excellent concept of a zero emission sports car. It has a sporty shape with a narrow front and wider back end. This car will have three seats. The driver’s seat will have central alignment while two passenger seats will be present behind it. The car has a stunning design and have been built on the highest technology available. The car will cater the concept of zero emission while also considering intelligent mobility to go with.

It will have high waist, rear hinged doors to provide luxurious look for the car. Along with that it will provide an entry in style. It has an extended leg room for the comfort of passengers and an advanced steering wheel with multiple functions and a small LED on it. The car seats come with a four point safety harness for all seats
The second prototype presented was of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell powered car.

The car will run on one hundred percent bio-ethanol fuel. This fuels is termed as the most safest and easiest to use for the bio cars. It will have a range of 600 km and the ethanol fuel will power the electric battery in car. This car will work on zero emission system and will be priced lower than other EVs.

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