2017 Honda Civic Spotted Undisguised

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Here is the First Look of Undisguised 2017 Honda Civic

2017 Honda Civic spotted undisguised in UK.

The new 2017 Honda Civic was recently spotted totally undisguised on a car transporter. We are bringing you the first exclusive pictures that were taken by a car enthusiast when he spotted the 2017 Honda Civic being carried on a car transporter in UK.

The transporter was spotted by the car enthusiast named Nick Mortimer which was going on the way to Southampton. The transporter had number of 2017 Civics which were undisguised. By the looks of the route to Southampton we can presume that these cars are going to be transported to U.S. Southampton is one of the biggest UK export hub, so we can expect these cars to go on the route of America.

The pictures been taken show us the full shape and styling of this new 2017 Honda Civic. The shapes suggest that this design is pretty much similar to the one which was revealed in Geneva Motor Show. The twin central exhaust tips that were present on the previous model are gone. These are replaces by two different exhaust tips which are being placed on the each rear corner of car.

A rear spoiler of the car is still present being incorporated into the rear windscreen. This is something that we can spot in every model of civic thus proving itself to be some sort of hallmark for this particular model. The wheels of car have a glossy finishing. Honda hasn’t commented officially on these images.

This 2017 Honda Civic was also spotted earlier this year in Cumbria where it was being tested. At that time it was heavily disguised however this time it was not. We can clearly see that it is the same design which was spotted earlier. The car has gotten new LED headlight among many other features, according to AutoCar.

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