FCA and ZF Recall 9HP Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

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Hundreds of Cars Recalled over the FCA and ZF Issues

400K vehicles to be recalled on the notice of NHTSA.

There were a huge number of complaints that were filed for the German transmission manufacturer ZF due to the faulty transmission system. Their 9HP which is a nine-speed transmission was posing a lot of problems for many customers from the past few years.

It looks like the complaints filed by the customers have finally paid off. The NHTSA has ordered a recall over the transmission issue which can be seen in ZF nine speed transmissions. The problem which led to this recall is the unexpected transmission shift to neutral while the car is being driven or at steady. This can cause multiple accidents.

The issue was found in a large number of cars due to which around 505,000 vehicles are recalled from all over the United Stated in order to fix this problem, according to AutoBlog. It is being said that issue is occurring due to the improper placement of crimp on the transmission wiring harness.

This leads the harness to recoil and the car goes into the neutral mode on its own. Instead of offering a physical fix, ZX is focusing on issuing a software update in order to resolve the problem. They have officially recalled many vehicles that have this transmission system. All of these vehicles which are currently recalled belong to the FCA brand.

This is the second recall made by ZF due to transmission problem within the time span of a year. FCA had to recall almost one million vehicles due to the faulty design of 8 speed transmission system of ZF earlier this year too.
No deaths were reported due to any accident which occurred due to this fault. However at least 10 injuries were reported in several accidents. Vehicles belonging to 2014 to 2015 FCA models are being recalled.

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