Apple to Use Hollow Battery in its Electric Car

Credit: HybirdCars

Apple will be using a “Hollow” battery In order to Increase the Efficiency of its Electric Cars.

Apple has partnered up with a Korean company to bring forward the idea of more efficient batteries.

Apple is all set to bring about its autonomous electric cars in a few years. It looks like the company has signed a contract with a Korean company in order to make an efficient battery for these cars. The standard batteries used in electric cars these days require an amount of time to cool off. The cooling off leads to decreased efficacy of cars. Thus apple was looking for the ideas in which the efficiency of the cars can be increased by providing much better batteries.

It looks like the company has found a solution to battery heating. Apple is working on the concept of a “Hollow” battery through which they will get the desired efficiency of cars, according to HybirdCars. The batteries are supposed to be hollow lithium-ion batteries. These will have a hollow space inside them that will actually make the batteries to cool down instantly. The lithium-ion batteries tend to heat up from center thus a space at the middle of battery which will be at least two fingers wide will give space to cool down. Along with that due to the space in middle, these batteries would not heat up as much as they do.

This will lead to exclusion of cooling devices that are set in electric cars which will make the cars lighter. Again it will help in increasing the efficiency of a car. Apple hasn’t talked about the agreement officially nor has any spokesperson spoken about the matter. However a Korean website did issue an article which indicated the finalization of this kind of project.

Apple is certainly looking for means in order to make its vehicle business strong. This step might be in that direction too.

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