Uber Will Give Free Rides to Passengers in Autonomous Volvos

Credit: Volvo

The service will be available for citizens of Pittsburgh only

We brought you the news two days early that Volvo and Uber have partnered up to put up a fleet of autonomous cars. The cars will provide ride sharing experience to the people in Pittsburgh. It looks like Uber is trying to up the level of it’s by many notches in the form of free rides. The free rides will be given to the passengers in Pittsburgh on the autonomous Volvos roaming about the city.


This project is worth $300 million, and Uber along with Volvo Is making sure that it is developed perfectly for the people. This project will surely revolutionized autonomous driving and ride sharing in a city. The companies are right now focusing on developing the project in Pittsburgh, however later on they are planning to take the project to Europe too.


The vehicles that are used in the system will act according to the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). The cars that will come under this system will include XC90, V90 and S90. According to Volvo, these new autonomous cars will have to follow full line of security in order to successfully compete for autonomous driving on the roads.


The free rides will be given to the passengers of Pittsburgh from next month. However all the cars will be monitored by a supervisor who will be seated in the driver’s seat. The supervisors will make sure that nothing goes wrong while the cars are being driven autonomously. This kind of step is really good on the part of both companies. It will make sure that none of the cars get down in a wrong lane and it will also help the companies to have a closer looks in any bugs if present.

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