Jeremy Clarkson Will Go To Game of Thrones Set During The Grand Tour

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Jeremy Clarkson goes to Game of Thrones, will visit the set for The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson will showcase a stunt in the episode too.

The Grand Tour is about to air in a few days’ time. We are desperate to get any kind of news about it however there were none till yesterday. However we are pretty excited to share the news with you that the fans will get to see a 70 minute launch episode in the first day the show will be launched. The officials have signed a deal of doing only 12 shows per year for three years. The show stars James Maym Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson.

One of the best news that is associated with this show is that we will see some live screening of the show from the set of Game of Thrones. According to DigitalSpy, Clarkson will be seen driving through the set of world’s biggest TV series. Thus we are hoping to have an excited time on the launch of show too.

It is also an official news that almost 90 percent of the series is completed so it means that the fans won’t have to wait a lot. All of the series is filmed in 4K quality which is a gift for all the fans too.

The Grand Tour will be released on BBC in fall however no final dates of release have been confirmed yet. Whenever the show is released, most of the people will be waiting for the show to screen Clarkson doing a stunt on the Game of Thrones set. We are expecting a cool kind of stunt with this duo. It’s Clarkson who going on the GOT is set so we are actually looking forward to see a comic kind of cameo.

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