Citroën Cxperience Concept Shows Advanced Comfort Tech at Paris Motor Show

Credit: AutoCar

A New Citroen Advanced Concept is here

Citroen’s Cxperience concept is here to give you a look into future transportation.

A new Citroen’s Cxperience concept will be showcased in the Paris Motor Show in a few days. The concept will be about a plug-in hybrid petrol-electric drivetrain car. This new executive Saloon as Citroen is calling as Cxperience will be laced with Advanced Comfort Program which is a special addition of brand. It will also showcase loads of new and high technology in the form of features too.

The company is stating that the new concept will showcase the way the smaller C4 Cactus and C3 can be produced on the saloon level. The new concept will give an insight in larger cars of the same functioning.

The Citroen’s Cxperience concept is a 4.5 meters long car which is pretty similar to C6 saloon, according to AutoCar. It is only 1.3 meters high and will have a 3 meters wheelbase. This car will have short overhangs and will be offered in 22 inches wheels with a five-spoke design.

The car will have exterior highlights which will have air takes on the front bumper. The aerodynamic concave rear window will ensure the easy flow of air while driving. Along with that it will have rear hinged doors for an easy access to passengers.

The interior of car is full of latest technology. It will have a 19 inches rectangular display from where the drivers will be able to handle all major functions of the car. It will also offer split screen view for offering movies and functioning in the separate screens.

There won’t be any exterior mirrors but the car will have exterior cameras which will help the driver to maneuver the car easily. It is supposed to have petrol engine and electric motor that will give a total of 300bhp and will offer a range of 37 miles.

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