Mercedes AMG Hypercar will be Street Based Racing Car for Everyone

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The car will use an F1 V6 instead of a V12 engine

Automakers these days are making sure that they introduce technology that is not only comfortable but top notch. Which is the reason that competition between all the companies have increased by many folds in a recent years.

A recent hypercar which was made in collaboration with Red Bull and Aston Martin made quite a stir in hypercar industry. The AM-RB 001 is all set to release in 2018. This is the reason that many other companies are working to build super hypercar too.

One of the companies that are doing this kind of work is Mercedes Benz. Mercedes is making sure that its hypercar is an F1 based super car that can be driven on any road other than the racing track too.

During Grand Prix events of the last week, it was confirmed by Mercedes that they are working on the AMG hyper car model. We had rumors earlier in the year that Mercedes is trying to build a car that will give tough competition to F1, Ferrari LeFerrari and Porsche 918.

It was also reported by AutoBlog that it would look something like that of Mercedes Grand Turismo Car concept which was introduced earlier. However now we have gotten the insight that Mercedes is actually trying to build a much better car than this.

According to Evo, Mercedes will be using the same 1.6 liter turbocharged V6 engine that is also used in Nico Rosenberg’s W07 F1. It is expected that it will have a power of 1000 to 1500bhp. The Mercedes AMG hypercar will be competing with the V12 of AM-RB 001.

It is also said that this car might be the way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AMG by Mercedes by releasing Mercedes AMG hypercar in 2017.

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