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Top 10 Hot Cars of 2014

Source: Auto Balla | Jun 13 2014, 8:01am CDT | by Sumayah Aamir

Top 10 Hot Cars of 2014
Cars are a man’s best friend. Following is the top 10 list of the best and hottest vehicles of 2014. Peruse them at leisure and choose your favorite deals on wheels.
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IPad Air Giveaway 2014 is Online
IPad Air Giveaway 2014 is Online
Our sister site I4U News is giving away a brand new iPad Air or if you can wait an iPad Air 2. This is an $499 value. | by Luigi Lugmayr
Your Parent Or Kid Moved In: Are You Covered?
A record 57 million Americans now live in multigenerational family households — double the number in 1980, according to a new Pew Research Center study. And I bet many of them have the wrong homeowner’s or renters... | by Forbes
Pandora Looks to Challenge Terrestrial Radio's Dominance in Cars
Pandora Media is one of the largest Internet radio providers in the U.S. with more than 75 million active users. While the company’s active user count has increased at a robust pace historically, it is likely to slow... | by Forbes

2014 United States Grand Prix - Friday Press Conference

Oct 31 2014 8:30pm CDT | Source: Federation Internationale de l’Automobile

2014 United States Grand Prix - Friday Press Conference Transcrit of the Friday press conference organised by the FIA for the 2014 United States Grand Prix Sat 01.11.14, 2:02AM TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Eric BOULLIER (McLaren), Monisha KALTENBORN (Sauber), Toto WOLFF (Mercedes), Vijay MALLYA (Force India), Gerard LOPEZ ...
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Ford’s Expeditions for SEMA Are Just Silly (Except the One We Actually Like)

Oct 31 2014 1:50pm CDT | Source: Car and Driver

We thought that tinted SUVs on oversize rims were as passé as the idea of showing music videos on MTV. But, wouldn’t you know it, DUB Magazine is still in print (“If it ain’t on some 24s then it ain’t my sh*t,” proclaims the latest cover story) and Ford still makes an SUV that looks like it did in 2007. Boom—perfect fit. Ford is bringing trio of tricked-out 2015 Expeditions to SEMA next week in Las Vegas, its first show of custo ...
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The 9 best vehicles for the Canadian zombie apocalypse

Oct 31 2014 12:13pm CDT | Source: Driving Canada

Speaking purely for myself, I’m really looking forward to the coming zombie apocalypse. Just think of it: no line ups at Starbucks, no more “Beliebers” on Twitter, a huge reduction in traffic, and if you see someone shuffling along slowly with a downcast gaze it’s perfectly socially acceptable to sneak up and smack them upside the head with a cricket bat. You can’t do that today to someone glued to their iPhone. More’s the pity. Granted, there are a few teensy drawbacks ...
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Best Car To Buy Nominee: 2015 Honda Fit

Oct 31 2014 11:26am CDT | Source: The Car Connection

Urban commuters, you're looking at one of the best picks in a lean, space-conscious and fuel-efficient small car. If your priorities include maneuverability, versatility, value, and pretty much everything practicality-related, then the 2015 Honda Fit is one that you really must include—one of our highest-rated ...
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First Drive: 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Oct 31 2014 10:14am CDT | Source: Driving Canada

WASHINGTON, DC – Well this is just [expletive redacted] ridiculous. Welcome to 2014, where premium gasoline is five bucks a gallon, climate change is a growing concern, and the fastest and most powerful four-door sedan in the world is a looney-tunes Dodge with an elephant-sized engine making more than 700 horsepower. What in the Hell? I think I remember reading about this car in Revelations. “And lo, the number of the beast was 707 hp, and there was doom and destruction ...
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The five scariest potential race cars you can buy for $500

Oct 31 2014 8:27am CDT | Source: Driving Canada

Perhaps you’ve read our recent article on LeMons racing and are thinking about starting a team. Roaring around the racetrack in a leaky and decrepit racer does sound like a huge amount of fun. (So long as your tetanus shots are up to date.) But what car to choose? It seems a daunting task to find and build a race car under $500. Especially when you consider that all repairs and race readying (except the roll cage, tires and other safety items) have to be included in ...
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