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China And India Crucial For Land Rover Growth

Source: Auto Balla | May 12 2014, 12:52pm CDT | by Forbes

Indian automobile company Tata Motors acquired British car maker Land Rover in 2008 from the Ford Motor Company, along...
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​The Range Rover Sport SVR Ran An 8:14 Nürburgring Lap

Jul 29 2014 8:43pm CDT | Source: Jalopnik

You know what I look for when buying an SUV? The Nürburgring lap time. It should be right on the sticker between the fuel economy ratings and the crash test results. So it's nice to see Land Rover finally taking this seriously.Read more... ...
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Are General Manager Salaries About To Skyrocket? Will There Be A Front Office Salary Cap?
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Watch & Listen To The Most Idyllic Off-Roading You've Ever Seen

Jul 28 2014 1:30pm CDT | Source: Jalopnik

The Road Less Driven hits Land Rover's fancy off-road trails at The Equinox in Manchester, Vermont. Thanks to the soundtrack, this video is the most soothing mud boggin' I've ...
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These are the top luxury cars bought by people entering the segment for the first time

Jul 25 2014 3:34pm CDT | Source: Autoblog

Filed under: Car Buying, Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Luxury Let's say you just got a big promotion at work or the kids are moving out of the house, and you finally have some extra money. You decide to blow it all at once and treat yourself by upgrading your ride. Naturally, you look to a luxury automaker. What do you choose? Models like the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class ...
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Jaguar’s Augmented-Reality Windshield Tech Is Awesome, We Want It Now [Video]

Jul 21 2014 12:03pm CDT | Source: Car and Driver

The successful launch of the F-type and the excitement building around its new BMW 3-series fighter, the XE, are notable bright spots for Jaguar, but the company is also going on a technology tear. Just a short while after announcing its new line of in-house Ingenium engines, Jaguar put a cool video on YouTube that outlines a potential augmented-reality windshield technology dubbed Virtual Windscreen. We want it.  Essentially, Virtual Windscreen mixes famil ...
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2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport details and pictures

Jul 15 2014 8:44am CDT | Source: Recombu

More customisation options available for the 2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport and SDV8 engine gets a torque boost. The 4x4 powerhouse that is the Range Rover and its lairie ...
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2015 Porsche Macan: First Drive

Jul 11 2014 2:19pm CDT | Source:

I spent a day driving Porsche's all-new 2015 Macan luxury compact SUV throughout Southern California, up and down the mountain roads of the Angeles Crest Highway and at Willow Springs International Raceway in the high Southern California desert. All in all, the variety of terrain offered plenty of opportunity for the Macan to show off, or to fall short. Related: 2015 Porsche Macan Photo Gallery (25 Photos) The Macan Turbo I drov ...
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2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition

Jul 10 2014 11:14am CDT | Source: Autoblog

Filed under: Truck, Toyota, Off-Road, Quick Spins Introduced at the end of 2006, this is the last year for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the reincarnated FJ40-series Land Cruiser that will shortly journey to Takama-ga-hara, the Plain of High Heaven. In its first model year, we drove it to SEMA and found it, shall we say, coarse. It bobbled on the freeway and droned in the cabin, its boxy interior providing four bounce-boards for unpleasant frequencies. Tall mirrors helped one work ar ...
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Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Confirmed for Production

Jul 9 2014 5:06am CDT | Source:

Last year’s Jaguar Project 7 has been officially confirmed for production, where it will be built by Jaguar/Land Rover’s new Special Operations team. The F-Type Project 7 will be fully street legal, and the 250 units will be the fastest and most powerful production Jaguars to leave the factory. Inspired by the three time Le Mans winning D-Type, Project 7 features new aerodynamic pieces to give more downforce at speed. Lightweight c ...
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